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Tatyana El-Kour

I enjoy writing and have a profound knowledge of my nutrition and media psychology disciplines and of my diverse subjects of expertise. I especially understand translating and interpreting global to local contexts, including my focus on the Middle East and North African region, and my strong multilingual fluency. I understand market demands and offer support to develop targeted writing services aimed at diverse audiences, including policy-makers, professionals, and the lay public.


Tatyana El-Kour Sihtak Fi Ghithak Book

Your Health is in Your Nutrition
(صحتك في غذائك)

Written by a nationally and globally recognized nutrition expert, this book is intended for Arabic-speaking healthcare professionals and the public alike. The book provides individuals with cutting-edge and clinically scientific information at one's fingertip to better understand the relationship between how specific foods affect one's overall health and the health status of specific organs and systems in the body. It is a must have resource for anyone interested in learning about health, nutrition and well-being in Arabic language.

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