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I offer strong leadership efforts and leverage decades of experience in public and private organizations, throughout tenure. I filled many roles since 2005 at the World Health Organization due to success in negotiations, coordination, and execution of complex projects related to nutritional programming, diseases, social determinants of health and nutrition, global health diplomacy, public health policies and programs.  I have also initiated nutritional and social behavioral changes that are designed to eradicate hunger, address malnutrition, and micronutrient deficiencies, while ensuring the integration of optimal food and healthcare systems. I currently administer leading edge academic knowledge and creative innovation to devise systems-based solutions to complex nutrition problems and unique needs of clients, patients, organizations, programs, and populations.

Tatyana El-Kour National Panel Discussion

Tatyana El-Kour speaks on "Nutrition for Older Persons" at national panel discussion on the rights of older persons in healthcare jointly organized by the National Council for Family Affairs and Freedom Center for Development and Human Rights joint in Amman, Jordan.

25 June 2018



Supporting public education and programs that address the health concern of overweight/ obesity among children in Jordan by translating and adapting The Kids Eat Right International (KERI) Campaign. Click Here

Non Communicable diseases

Non Communicable Diseases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Heart Shape

Joint WHO/Flour Fortification Initiative Harmonization Workshop for Wheat and Maize Flour Fortification



Tatyana El-Kour External Expert and Stakeholder Panel Scoping of WHO Guidelines

External Expert and Stakeholder PanelScoping of WHO Guidelines on Saturated-Fatty Acid and Trans-Fatty Acid Consumption

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

Technical consultation

to establish a regional nutrition surveillance system with focus on micronutrient malnutrition

Tatyana El-Kour GINA Project

Global Database on the Implementation of Nutrition Action (GINA)Policy - Nutrition in Jordan Update and Plan of Action

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