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Special Edition


Issue 3 . Summer 2024

My favorite pair of shoes is…

When I am not in sneakers, I am in ballerinas of all colors – yes, that’s me. Miss practical on the move in style!

My Favorite independent shop is…

No brands here, but I love shops with practical items worthy of price, and especially books and sports. You will find quite a stock at my home for both!

My Signature Lipstick is…

Rouge Dior is my favorite when I want to make a statement. If running around throughout the day, I adore the Modern Matte powder lipstick in Nude Beige by Shiseido.

My Can’t-Miss Podcast is…

The Great Women Artists Podcast hosted by art historian and curator Katy Hessel. It is a constant reminder for me on the art of the lived experiences, and what women can do.




My best ever holiday was…


Greece with family. It has always been a special retreat.

The song that gets me on the dancefloor is… [Stayin' Alive]



I love music from the 1970s!



The Album I’ll never grow tired of…

Our family album brings back memories of childhood.


my mom's handmade Turkish

My one-stop morning coffeeshop is…

My mom’s handmade Turkish coffee that I treasure to have with her every morning when I can.


My foodie weakness is…

I am vegetables-obsessed – I cannot pass along a day without ‘em. Gets tough at times in fields and remote areas where access is an issue.


My foolproof dinner party dish is…


On a toast, I love to spread…

Olive oil and boiled egg with 3 black olives – typically my breakfast.


The thing I can’t stop buying for my home is…

Coffee, coffee, coffee and in flavors one cannot even imagine.

My signature scent is…

Jo Malone’s grapefruit scent, although J’adore by Dior remains my classic!

The shade I always paint my nails is…

When I am not in red, I wear soft, earth shades of beige, nude and the like.



When I want to cry with laughter, I call…

My one and only sister! We’ve shared memories together over the years. She always embraces my laughter and outcries!

My Favorite hotel for a weekend away is…

Any Serena hotel chain as I immerse myself in a spectacular blend of luxury and culture. Exactly what I need to blow my mind away!

The Candle I love to light is…

Jo Malone grapefruit scented candle. I love everything about grapefruit – a perfect natural hybrid of pomelo and orange, typically citrus with bitter tinges that I adore.


The boxset I rewatch over and over is…

Tom & Jerry – an all time classic, brings the child in me when I need it the most!


The book I keep in my bedside table is…

It is my bible for prayers, and my journal so I can write everything.


The mantra I live by is…

Empathy! I thrive on improving my ability to understand and share feelings of others. I have been most blessed and inspired by the many people I have met throughout the years, from different cultures, religions, ethnicities, geographics, and backgrounds.

Tatyana El-Kour Photos by: [Muath Selwadi] via []

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