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Jo Heart Magazine

Issue 21 Jan/ Feb 2011  Tobacco and Fertility

Issue 21 Jan/ Feb 2011  Nutrition and Fertility

Issue 20 Nov/ Dec 2010  Weight and B12 Injections

Issue 20 Nov/ Dec 2010  Reading Nutrition Label

Issue 12 Jul/ Aug 2009  Nutrition and Ramadan Fasting

Issue 7 Aug/ Sep 2008  Tips for Nutrition and Fasting

Issue 6 Jun/ July 2008  Facts about Nutrition and Quitting Smoking

Issue 5 Apr/ May 2008  Allergies against Food

Issue 2 June 2007  Nutrition and Diabetes 

Issue July/ Aug 2008  Nutrition and Self Management

Issue Jan/ Feb 2007  Nutrition during Spring Season

Issue July/ Aug 2007  Nutrition during Winter Season

Issue Jan/ Feb 2006  Safe Nutrition and Bird Flu (Influenza A)


Issue Jan/ Feb 2006  Nutrition and Overweight 

Issue Jan/ Feb 2006  Nutrition and Brain Health

VIVA Magazine

Issue April 2007  Food Allergies and In-tolerances

Issue Mar 2007  Living Life…The Vegetarian Way

Issue Mar 2007  Veggin’ out? Real Life Nutrition…My Choice!

Issue Aug 2006  Can Nutrition Supplements Replace Food?

Issue Aug 2006  Watermelon – Crunchy and thirst-quenching

Issue July 2006  weight Gain and Smoking Cessation

Issue July 2006  Zucchini – Delicate and Summery

Issue Jun 2006  Strawberries – Sweet and Social

Issue Jun 2006  Battle of the Sexes Over Nutrition

Issue May 2006  Eggplants – Make it Your Springy Flare

Issue May 2006  What is a Whole Grain?

Issue May 2006  Want to be a Smart Cereal Consumer?

Issue Apr 2006  Oranges – A Powerful Indulgence


Issue Apr 2006  Setting the Record Straight - Nutrition and Stress

Issue Mar 2006  Debunking Our Cultural Nutrition Myths


Issue Mar 2006  Q&A Health Advice 

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