Tatyana El-Kour I PhD, RDN, FAND I Mediated Appetite

Project | 01

Mediated Appetite 


A disruptive concept that combines nutrition and media psychology-centered approaches to explore how our interaction with emergent technologies relayed in diverse media influence our health and nutrition behaviors.

Tatyana El-Kour I PhD, RDN, FAND I Nutrition Misinformation

Project | 02

Impact of Facebook use on nutrition misinformation among Arabs

I conducted a study on Arabs using Facebook for nutrition information. Fielding Graduate University IRB No. 17-0510 (Research Project). Stay tuned for published study results.

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Tatyana El-Kour I PhD, RDN, FAND I Nutrition & Dietetic Workforce

Project | 03

Nutrition & Dietetic Workforce Capacity Assessment for Public Health Nutrition and Community Nutrition

Tatyana El-Kour I PhD, RDN, FAND I Malnutrition

Project | 04

Innovation for Impact: How Redefining Mothers' Role in Crisis Can Help Save Lives

The application of learning theories and innovations in online education course inspired me to receive the Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment research fellowship for the project entitled: “Empowerment matters: How redefining mothers’ role in crisis can help save lives”

Tatyana El-Kour I PhD, RDN, FAND I Academic Work

Project | 05

My Academic work

The focus of my academic work has been on addressing the application of psychology theories to the interaction between nutrition and behavior through media and technology. 

Tatyana El-Kour I PhD, RDN, FAND I Autism Spectrum Disorders

Project | 06

Action for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Diet, Media, Technology, and Autism:

A Comparative Analysis of Global Patterns and Best Practices

Impact of Facebook use on nutrition misinformation in Autism Spectrum Disorders