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  • Tatyana El-Kour

Dietetics 3.0: Transforming Practice through AI Engagement

Focus areas: Adequate Intake, Artificial Intelligence, or Augmented Interaction

In my over 17 years of practice from working in international development, conflict and crisis settings, and emerging media to immersing in technological trajectories that are changing how we live, learn, work, and engage, I argue that the state of AI is challenging our 21st century nutrition and dietetic practice as evidenced by problems with population Adequate Intake (AI), adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the evolution of Augmented Interaction (AI) through geolocated, augmented reality smartphone apps, smart homes, and smart everything. At a time when the world is producing more food per person than ever before, close to a billion do not consume enough food to meet their nutritional requirements. Crises and conflict are displacing more than 65 million across the globe. Artificial intelligence technology is being deployed to reduce human suffering. Yet again, as our lives get busier and busier, we are resorting to augmented reality to help us make meaning of our experiences in life while improving the way we live, eat, engage, behave around food, and the way we simply lead our lifestyles. The state of AI is designing our everyday identity, so will it mediate our appetite, too?

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