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Al Rai Newspaper weekly 

Weekly Nutrition column (of 1200 words) - in Arabic - entitled: “Your health is in your Nutrition” in the leading newspaper of Jordan “Al-Rai Newspaper;” Jan 08 – Jun 12.

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Balanced Meals are Key to Health Aging

The Blood Type Diet


Being Underweight


Food and Drug Interactions

What is Vitamin B Group?

Blood Pressure

Food for a healthy Heart

Body Weight Affects Your Cancer Risk


Body Weight Relationships Between Positivity and Frustration


Blood Clotting and Blood Thinners

Handling Food Allergies

Nutrition and Fertility

Emotional Overeating

Diet for Your Blood Type

Benefits of Eating Fruit and Vegetables

Restrictive Dieting

Relating Food to Headaches

Liver Health

Food and Osteoporosis Risk


How does a Man Differ from a Woman over Nutrition?

Journey of Iron and Anemia Risk Development

Food and Medicine: Is there a Link?

Contemporary Concepts in Blood Sugar Management

Helping Children Grow Healthy

Nutrition and Kidney Stones

Eating for Blood Health

Differentiating Heartburn from Ulcers

Fad Diets

Why we Eat?


Dietary Fibers and Constipation

How to Get a Quality Sleep?

The Art of Positive Thinking

Food Safety and the Flu Season

Common Misconceptions in Food and Nutrition

Nutrition and Hypoglycemia (Treating Low Blood Sugar)

Nutrition and Cognitive Health

Nutrition and the Immune System

Eating Toast Bread for Weight Management

A Snapshot on Weight Loss Aids


The Importance of Breakfast Meal

Vitamin C

Dose Food Contribute in Changing Body Shape

Nutrition and Prostate Cancer

The Role of Food during Winter and Fall

Flatulence and Constipation in Fast

Nutrition between Pleasure and Life Stress

Headache and Migraine

Benefits of Eating Fish

Drugs, Herbs and Food Supplements for Obesity

Al Rai Newspaper Daily

Daily Nutrition column (of 400 words) - in Arabic - entitled: “Healthy Ramadan tip” in the leading newspaper of Jordan “Al-Rai Newspaper;” Aug 09 – Aug 11.


Cinnamon and Diabetes

Basmati Rice

Choline and Brain Health

Fatty Liver

Eating Fruit at Certain Times

Curcumin Boosts a Healthy Digestion

Getting Rid of Constipation during Ramadan

Defining a Health Suhoor Meal

Eating Fruit is Healthy and Nutritious during Ramadan

Defining a Healthy Iftar Meal


Dealing with Indigestion during Ramadan

Bloating during Ramadan

Getting Rid of Constipation during Ramadan

Pomegranate Season for a Health Eid


Eating Iftar does not Increase Weight

Exercise is Key to Health

Fluids in Ramadan

Avoiding Fatty Foods can Protect Bowel Health

Getting Rid of Acidity during Ramdan

Consuming more than 9 Tablespoons of Sugar a Day is Harmful

Water and Fasting

Why Invest in Eating Shour?

Food Safety during Ramadan

Oxalic Acid Stones and Ramadan Fasting

Al Rai Newspaper

Daily Nutrition and Wellness column (of 250 words) – in Arabic – entitled: “Answering your Perplexing Question” in the leading newspaper of Jordan “Al-Rai Newspaper,” Aug 10 – Jun 12.


Constipation and Laxative Use

Vitamin B12 & Al Zheimer


Vitamin E and Heart Health

Weight and Breast Cancer

Tahini : Is it a Good Fat?

Vitamin D and Depression


How to Deal with Weight Gain?

Do we Eat before or after Workout?


Foods for Stronger Immunity

Evaluating the Evidence of Food and Nutrition Information

How Can we Preserve Vegetable Oils?

Why we Bloat?

Eating Fruits or Drinking Juice?

How Smoking Relates to Body Weight?

Diet and Nutrition: What's the Difference?

Nutrition Requirements with Aging

When Magnesium Levels Run Low?

Relating Food to Hair Loss


What is the Difference between "White Sugar" and "Brown Sugar"?

How Much Water Should we Drink?

Vitamin K and INR

What is in a Pomegranate?

Getting to Know Zinc

Is Caffeine Safe during Pregnancy?

Does Eating at Night Cause Weight Gain?

Should we Avoid Certain Foods for Hypothyroidism?

Does Lowering Fat Decreases Body Weight?

How Many Eggs Should One Eat a Week?

Al Ghad Newspaper

Weekly nutrition column (of 600 words) – in Arabic – in the leading newspaper of Jordan “Al-Ghad;” Mar 13 – Dec 14.


Tahini paste is healthy fat

Health Benefits of Radish 

Eating Fish Protects You from Depression

What is the Difference Between Honey and Sugar?

What is the Difference between Sea Salt and Table Salt?

Ways to Manage Undernutrition

Nutrition for Headache Management

Smoking and Body Weight: Are They Related?

Addressing False Information about Calcium

Food for Blood Health


A Handful of Almonds is Nutrient-Dense

Hot Peppers Do Not Burn Body Fats

Health Benefits of Popcorn

Sweet Potato Reduces Gastrointestinal Problems

Eating Some Chocolate Helps Weight Loss

High Protein Diet Negatively Influences Bone Health

Do Garlic Tablets Support People with High Blood Pressure?

Foods That Improve Sleep Hygiene 

Understanding the Relationship Between Vitamin B12 and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Vitamin K and Efficacy of Blood Thinners 

The Jordan Times Newspaper

Weekly wellbeing column (of 600-1000 words) – in English – entitled: "Wellbeing" in the leading English newspaper of Jordan: "The Jordan Times;" Aug 09 – Dec 09.


Are Vegetarians More at Risk?

Jordan’s Myths and Truths about Weight Management

Why Weight Loss Fails

Gender and Nutrition

Understanding the Soy-Heart Connection

Make Time for Your Health

Skipping Breakfast is not Good

Celebrating Eid in a Healthy Way

Beans are a Healthy Choice

Jordanian Food - A Good Healthy Choice

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