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COVID-19 Wellbeing Series:

COVID-19 Chaos – Being through it or drowned by it?

As the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, many of us in Syria are facing unique challenges prioritizing our own wellbeing. Join us for two consecutive sessions the next two Friday afternoons. The sessions are designed specifically to help you navigate the shifting COVID-19 crisis. El-Kour will help you:

  • Identify what you can control with COVID-19

  • Apply Psychological and nutritional wellbeing

  • Determine the difference between copying and problem solving

  • Build resilience and manage expectations 

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Tatyana El-Kour_COVID-19 psychological wellbeing chaos

Series Session 1:

COVID-19 Psychological Wellbeing Chaos - Being through it or drowned by it?

Key topics covered will be:

  • Learning about COVID-19 

  • Applying psychologically wellbeing

  • Dealing with Anxiety and loneliness

  • Handling unpredictability


Friday 15 May 2020


04.30 pm – 6.00 pm Damascus Time



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