Tatyana El-Kour Clinical Service

I possess 15 years of clinical practice providing direct nutrition-focused physical assessment, diagnosis, care and monitoring to individuals and disadvantaged groups, including prevention and management of multiple macronutrient...

Tatyana El-Kour Research Service

My research experience has been an ongoing practice spanning a period of 20 years and ranging from academic settings to practice-based research settings encompassing clinical and public health practice...

Tatyana El-Kour_Public Speaking
Public Speaking

I am a professional expert speaker and a dynamic presenter with over 10 years of professional public speaking practice. I accept speaking engagements pertaining to my areas of expertise...

Tatyana El-Kour Advocacy Service

I am passionate about helping people to access evidence-based information while empowering them to be involved in decisions about their lives, defend and promote individual and population rights...

Tatyana El-Kour Humanitarian Service

My involvement in the humanitarian sector stems from my personal mission to relieve suffering and foster self-reliance of individuals and people in times of conflict, crisis, and at the nexus of development...

Tatyana El-Kour Teaching Service

I enjoy teaching and I offer online and in-person teaching services. I am a frequent visiting lecturer at various universities within the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas...

Tatyana El-Kour Writing Service

I enjoy writing and have a profound knowledge of my nutrition and media psychology disciplines and of my diverse subjects of expertise...

Tatyana El-Kour Consulting Service

My consulting service encompasses many different skills and disciplines in personal, strategic, policy, technical, and cross industry consultations, including technology and healthcare industries, to improve health and nutrition outcomes...

Tatyana El-Kour Public Health Service
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Public Health

I offer strong leadership efforts and leverage decades of experience in public and private organizations, throughout tenure...

Tatyana El-Kour Training Service

I am a professional trainer with over 13 years of dynamic training experiences. I currently consult for several organizations to offer training services on areas related to technical skill-building...

Tatyana El-Kour Engaging with Media Service
Engaging with Media

I have been engaging with diverse media from traditional to new and emerging media for over 10 years. At the heart of my research focus is to identify ways for positively engaging with media and mediated technology to inspire healthy and positive behavior change...

Tatyana El-Kour Career Counselling Service
Career Counselling

I have been providing mentoring services for school-age children, undergraduate and graduate students, and early career professionals since 2005...