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My Bio

Dr. Tatyana El-Kour is a recognized expert and thought leader in population health and nutrition. A champion of systems’ thinking. Highly skilled at innovating frameworks to transform processes and leverage technology to maximize effectiveness and outcomes. For 25 years, Dr. El-Kour has delivered progressive strategies integrating and aligning complex programs and projects on behalf of the United Nations, governmental and non-governmental agencies with a behavior change focus. More recently, Dr. El-Kour’s technical specialty has evolved to address the changing healthcare and food systems landscape, incorporating media psychology and technology to population health and humanitarian programming to effect regulatory and policy changes and drive population behavior change. 

Tatyana El-Kour I PhD, MA, MS, RDN, FAND

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My Education

My Education

Bachelor of Science - Nutrition & Food Technology
University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
Clinical Nutrition Internship: Royal Medical Services

Bachelor of Science – General Dietetics
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Combined Master of Science and Dietetic Internship – Medical Nutrition Therapy & Policy

Tufts University, Boston, MA 

Frances Stern Nutrition Center/Tufts Medical Center



Artificial Intelligence & Nutrition

Positive & Media Psychology

Dietetics & Metabolism


Behavior Change

Clinical Nutrition & Evaluations

Immersive Technologies

Humanitarian & Complex Emergencies

Monitoring & Evaluations

Healthcare Systems

Research Methodologies

Advocacy & Funding

Team Building & Leadership

Public Health Communication

Nutritional Psychiatry and Psychology

Food & Nutrition Policy

Media Innovation

Food, Nutrition & Primary Health Care Programming

Social & Media Impact

Disease Promotion & Injury Prevention

Public Speaking


Research Interests

Health & Nutrition Misinformation

Nutrition Behavior Change

Persuasion & Social Influence

International Nutrition

Social Nutrition Impact 

Mobile & Social Media

Immersive Technology 

Consumer Neuromarketing 

Nutrition and Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Augmented Reality

Social Determinants of Nutrition 

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

Food and Nutrition Policy

Medical Nutrition Therapy and Support

Diet-related Chronic Disease

Autism Spectrum Disorders

My special population of interest: 

Millennial and Generation Z.

Citizen, migrant and refugee populations in the global setting. 




2022 - 2024

Global Advisor, Nutrition (Aga Khan Foundation)

2019 - 2022

Health & Nutrition Coordinator (Action Against Hunger), Expert Consultant (Independent Practice), & Clinical Lead (

2017 - 2018

Health & Nutrition Coordinator (Action Against Hunger), Expert Consultant (Independent Practice),

& Clinical Lead (

2015 - 2016

International Technical Officer (WHO) &

Expert Consultant (Action Against Hunger,

2013 - 2014

International Technical Officer at Regional Director’s Office (WHO)

2011 - 2012

National Professional Officer & International Technical Officer (WHO) & Expert Consultant (Private Practice)

2009 - 2010

National Professional Officer (WHO)

& Expert Consultant (Private Practice)

2007 - 2008

National Professional Officer (WHO)

& Expert Consultant (Private Practice)

2005 - 2006

Nutrition & Food Policy Advisor (WHO)

& Expert Consultant (Private Practice)

2003 - 2004

Metabolic Nutrition Research Technician; Statistical Data Entry Assistant; Menu & Recipe Analyst (Tufts University)

2001 - 2002

Regional Nutrition Line Specialist (Novartis Consumer Health Inc., Near East Office)

1999 - 2000

Medical Representative 

(Jordan Drugstore Company)

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